Large-Scale Public Projects

Matt McLeod Fine Art specializes in large-scale public projects. Let our team consult with you to help add large pieces of fine art into your public space. We help design the space to include murals, sculpture, mosaics and installations. We have artists who are experienced in working with paint, metals, glass, tile – you name the medium. We can help with lighting, landscaping, and irrigation. Whatever your project needs to become engaging to the public. We can provide full-service design, engineering, and installation  or just add a single work of art. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Here are a few examples of some of our projects:

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Project
Most recently Matt McLeod Fine Art has been commissioned by Arkansas Children’s Hospital to bring a set of 10 panels to create a permanent work of art that dynamically changes the public experience within Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH). The artwork will give visitors a moment away from illness to a moment of wonder and imaginative contemplation. The ten panel mural, covering two floors, with a 360 degree view in the elevator atrium of ACH will give children and families carrying the concerns of illness and injury, an opportunity to drop their burden and become lost and engaged in another world. The mural will invite interaction and playfulness, engaging the imagination to transcend fear into hope. Here are a few projected images of what the mural will likely look like once finished.

Project Plan 1Project Plan 2




6th Street Mural
Matt McLeod Fine Art teamed up with a group of talented art students from UALR and UCA to complete a 4300 square foot mural at 6th and Main Streets in the heart of the Creative Corridor in downtown Little Rock, AR, USA. Check out this amazing video by Chris Cranford of Cranford Co about the process of creating the mural.

Southwest Power Pool Polyptych
Our clients at Southwest Power Pool wanted to add fine art to large conference room in their corporate office. They had a wall that was approximately 120 square feet that was the focal point of the conference room space. The objective was to create artwork that filled the space in a powerful way and conveyed the idea of the company identity – bulk power distribution.
The client considered sculpture, but wanted to maximize the space for large meetings. Plus the project parameters required that the work fill a large wall.
The Solution: A nine panel painting composition on 4” canvas stretchers. Sculpture for the wall.
The Budget: Under $30,000.
The Timeline: Less than 60 days from concept to delivery.
The Result: Project designed, constructed, painted and installed on budget and on deadline – just in time for the opening reception.

"Powerful Delivery" 1"Powerful Delivery" 2"Powerful Delivery" 3"Powerful Delivery" 4"Powerful Delivery" 5




Malvern National Bank
The next example is a project for Malvern National Bank (MNB). MNB wanted to add fine art to their main branch lobby. The bank wanted to use an art piece as a focal point for an inviting customer seating space outside the bank executive offices. MNB also needed the artwork to cover some lighting switches and HVAC thermostats, but still wanted to access the controls. I presented several art options including various sculpture ideas.

The Solution: A three-panel triptych. An Arkansas landscape scene was chosen as the subject. The scene was painted in oil over three, archival quality, birch panels. Each panel had a depth of 1 ¼”. I designed and constructed three custom cabinets with 4” of depth, to frame the painted art panels. The center cabinet has hinges on the left hand side and opens like a medicine cabinet.
The Budget: Less than $20,000.
Timeline: 3 months.
The Result: A fine art statement piece that covers unsightly switches, yet still allows access to the controls behind the center cabinet that opens and closes. The art was delivered and placed on time and on budget.

Malvern National Bank 1Malvern National Bank 2Malvern National Bank 3




Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church
The final example is a large mural project for Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church (PHUMC). PHUMC wanted to create a big statement in a new gathering/reception space near the choir and music rehearsal area. The challenge was the 18’ x 25’ wall is a convex curve. Plus, the church wanted a chance to preserve the artwork in case the wall ever had to be torn down.
The Solution: A seamless sheet of canvas applied with archival construction adhesive and painted with archival acrylic. Elements of the unique architecture from the sanctuary were featured. A scene depicting the PHUMC children’s choir was used as a transitional element.
The Budget: Under $10,000.
Timeline: 3 months.
The Result: An archival quality mural, painted on removable canvas, applied to a convex surface. Delivered on time and on budget.

Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church 1Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church 2Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church 3Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church 4




Some of my other significant art works have been included in private and corporate collections including:

  • The Arkansas Governor’s Mansion Permanent Collection
  • St. Vincent Health System
  • UAMS Cancer Research Center
  • UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute
  • The Thea Foundation Traveling Education Collection
  • Silver Cross Hospital, Joliet, IL
  • OneBanc
  • Kutak Rock Law Firm
  • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Little Rock
  • US District Court, Southern District of Florida, Dade County, FL

Please contact me to consult on your public art project or commercial/residential space.

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