Building Something Great


Originally Posted: 2/22/15

Today, I hang brackets for a display system to hang 2-D work on the walls of my new gallery soon to open. I hear hammering, sawing and Spanish conversation in the spaces next door. Walking in, I see the concrete pilings of the new streetscape that is Main Street Little Rock. I think about what Main Street used to be. What it soon will be. No more plywood windows. The homeless seek shelter elsewhere. All around is new concrete, clean glass, fresh paint.

From my scissor lift fourteen feet off the ground, I look out the transom window, at the wall where I will soon paint a mural. A 4300 square foot canvas on 6th and Main, waiting for me to paint. A new work of art in a new creative corridor. I have pondered and dreamed about this for a long time. Opening a gallery. Starting a new business. But, also contributing to something bigger. Helping to create an area of our city that is culturally rich. A Main Street we will all be proud of. I can hardly believe I am here. Right in the middle of building something great.

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