The Gallery

GalleryFrontOriginally posted: 1/30/16

I am heading into the gallery today. Those are words I still find strange to say. This gallery is something I dreamt about for a long time. I thought and planned how it would look. I prayed for it come together. It took a long time and a lot of work. There were extensive delays. And it’s still a work in progress. The hallway section has floors that aren’t finished. Most of the building is temporarily unfinished. But, the gallery is mine. It’s my business. It’s an important step in my entrepreneurial journey. I love it! The space has an amazing energy and I love pouring my energy into it. So, I’m enjoying reflecting over the steps it took to get here. Going into the gallery.

What are you dreaming about –  creating something cool, building something great, taking another step in your business or personal development? Keep dreaming. Then write your dream into a plan and take the first step.

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