Artist Statement

I paint Energetic Color. I believe that all living things are made of energy at their most elemental level. There is a shared energy within and all around us. Humans, beasts even plants all share this energy. What is it? Is it the living spirit, the creative soul or the divine power of God? Perhaps it is all of these. In my art, I seek to discover and depict the energy of the living experience by using dimensional shapes of brilliant color. I contrast light and dark, warm and cool, dull and bright. I create color that jumps off the wall. It's color that cannot be ignored. It's color that vibrates. Energetic Color.


My work is included in several private and corporate collections across the the United States including:

  • The Arkansas Governor's Mansion permanent collection
  • The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • The Thea Foundation traveling education collection
  • UAMS Psychiatric Research Center
  • Kutak Rock Law Firm, Little Rock, AR
  • OneBanc, Little Rock, AR
  • Silver Cross Hospital, Joliet, Il
  • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Little Rock, AR
  • The El Dorado Advertising and Promotion Commission, El Dorado, AR
  • Malvern National Bank, Malvern, AR
  • St. Vincent Health System, Little Rock, AR
  • Southwest Power Pool, Little Rock, AR
  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Florida, Dade County, FL


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