Between Rust and Dust

18" x 24" Oil on Canvas, by Matt McLeod


20" x 30" Oil on Canvas, by J. O. Buckley

Three Sides of Grace

24" x 48" Acrylic on Panel, by Angela Davis Johnson

Running Creek 2

48" x 60" Oil on Canvas by Alice Andrews

Matt Mcleod Fine Art

Contact us at Matt Mcleod Fine Art when you are looking for artwork for your home, office, corporate collection or public space. Visit our Gallery, at 108 West 6th Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are located near the cor­ner of 6th and Main Streets in the heart of Lit­tle Rock's Creative Corridor. Browse our latest collection of drawings, paintings and sculpture from the south's top artists, or commission a work of fine art to fit perfectly your space. Another big part of Matt's expertise is Consulting for large public art projects. Also, for those who would like to learn how to create their own works of art, Matt offers one on one Instruction!


Angela Davis Johnson

Angela Davis Johnson

Angela creates vibrant narrative paintings that examine universal connections, identity and historical occurrences through personal symbols.
Matt McLeod

Matt McLeod

Matt McLeod paints Energetic Color. By contrasting light and dark, warm and cool, dull and bright, McLeod creates color that jumps off the wall.

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